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See all that matters in one screen!

Plan your time, take actions and win. Planning your actions – good way not to keep everything in mind and stop post-it notes from taking over your monitor. Planned actions with a reminder – additional motivator to call the customer, to show your availability to colleagues and leave communication history with the customer.

Time management was never so painless. Create activities, assign meetings and get straight to selling. The functionality of this section concentrates on supporting the sales process. Whether it is planning a follow-up call or reminder to congratulate your best customer on his birthday, it is one space that fits all your needs.





The best features and how they can help you?

1. Agenda viewIt can help you to get through the day and be way more flexible. You can filter all the meetings, calls, emails, tasks and reminders by activity type, which helps you to find the wanted activities faster. Also, Agenda view in the Organizer allows you to set the custom range of all the activities and see all of them in one list. Use Agenda with Teamgate CRM mobile app! Do not have yet? Download For Android or For iOS.




2. Activity feed. All events or activities created will be directly seen in an activity feed in the Dashboard. It will allow for an entire team to see what co-workers are up to or what they plan to do in the future.



Calendar management. Create appointments or activities straight from the calendar. Just mark the desired time lapse and you will be able to create and assign desired activity type to the company or a deal.





Events synchronization. Working with another calendar than the one in Teamgate? No worries, you can sync it with Teamgate! Scheduled events will synchronize and will be seen in both calendars.



To-Do list. Events, activities, and reminders created in the calendar, will be seen on the To-do list. You will be able to filter out events and activities depending on their type, so it’s less cluttered. All events in the To-do list will be divided into 3 categories: Due today, overdue and due this week.



Performance Management. All the events and activities created in the calendar will be taken into account when tracking your performance towards set activity goals. Thus, activity goals and performance overall can be evaluated in Dashboard or Insights sections.




SmartDialer™. Teamgate brings a new in-browser calling feature. It is equipped with auto-dialer, call recording, call routing and much more. SmartDialer™ is a perfect solution for a sales manager, that needs to stay available at all times.




Also, using Organizer you can:

1. Organize your day efficiently

Adding activities to Deals allows you to track actions taken within particular Contact or Deal and highlight what else needs to be done next. 

Create your own activity type, see it all in your calendar, track plan your day and receive reminders and notifications of delayed tasks.




2. Log a call

Log a call to identify whether a call was successful or not and see the outcomes in analytics. Analytics will also highlight the records that haven’t been processed yet so you can plan your actions immediately.




3. Set an appointment

Invite your team members and related contacts to a meeting. Set the title, location, time and length, add reminders. All new appointments can be seen on your calendar or contact card if its related to it. Reminders and daily schedule will come by email or SMS.





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