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Deals: Manage Your Deals and Your Sales Pipeline

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1. What is a Deal?

A Deal is an entity which journey is tracked through your sales pipeline. Each Deal is assigned to its owner or a team. With flexible functions, you can easily filter and manage your Deals or just drag & drop from one sales stage to another. You can see the delay date if it's late to be closed. If you want to close the deal, you can drag it to appearing win/lose line.



2. Sales Pipeline

Sales pipeline displays all your Deals at every stage of the sale process. It also gives you a clear view of your team performance, as well as highlights areas that need an extra push.

You can also manage more Pipelines at the same time.

3. Deals list

See all your deals in a list view, including won and lost deals. You can plan massive actions, navigate, sort and manage deals here. 

Add some extra fields if you are missing some important information about your deals. You can add as many sales process with unlimited stages as you need.

If you wish to see all your won/lost deals you can find it by enabling list view.





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