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How to add a new pipeline?

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Multiple Sales Pipelines

No need to stack multiple processes in one pipeline anymore. For your convenience, we give you the ability to create multiple pipelines with separate reporting options, such as "Pipeline today", "Pipeline history", "Sales Cycle", "Movement" and other. 


How to add new sales pipeline?

1. Navigate to Teamgate Settings > Deals > Deals settings

2. Click the "Add new process" button and give your new process a name. It can be a project management, HR, or just a new sales process. 

3. Add some stages to your new process. Click "Add stage" and specify a title. Stages will be ordered by a percentage. Percent represents a chance to make a deal right from this stage.

These are your sales process settings. You can change, rename, reorder them anytime or just create some new processes or stages:




Note: Duration means, how long the sale can be held in the current stage. You won't forget to close a sale on time, by specifying stage duration.



Now you can navigate to Teamgate Deals module and check your new sales process. Use the filter to select the pipeline.




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