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Sales Results: Customer Loss Reasons report

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What is customer loss reasons report?

Customer loss reasons report allows you to see the list of the most common reasons why you are losing your existing customers. By tracking and analyzing customer loss reasons - your sales, marketing, customer support and other teams can learn a lot on how to improve your business processes and retain customers.


For the instruction how to create and mark past customer loss reasons see this article.



Note: Customer loss reasons report is available for Enterprise Plan users only.


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Where to find Customer Loss Reasons report?

To enable Customer Loss Reasons report navigate to Insights module > Sales Results > Customer Loss Reasons

By analyzing customer loss reasons report you will clearly see the number of customers that have been marked as "Past customer" and how many past customers fall for each loss reason.

Do not forget to use filter by time range.




The bottom part of the report shows you the list of the past customers, past customer's owner, the lifetime of the customer (since the date when the customer was created- not marked as the customer), the date when status was changed and the loss reason. By clicking on the past customer's title the customer card will open. 

Customer loss reasons report can be filtered by tag and by the employee.


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