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How to sync Teamgate calendar with Google calendar?

Giedre -

Teamgate events sync with Google Calendar is very useful if you use Google's mail service, or you have an Android operating system based smartphone. Also, the bundling can be also useful if you have other tools, declaring synchronization with Google services.

Synchronization works in three stages:

1. Google Calendar preparation for sync

Log into your Google account at

At "My Calendars" section, create a new calendar

  • Name new calendar.



This calendar must be created in order to prevent your personally synchronized events with events for the job.

2. Synchronizing Teamgate calendar with Google Calendar

  • In Teamgate, go to section in your profile named “Integrations”
  • To sync with Google Calendar, press the On button and the system will ask you to choose your Google account.


  • To allow Teamgate access to your Google account, simply select one calendar from your list, rather the one that you just created


Your Google and Teamgate calendars will be synced. From the merge point, all events will be synchronized. This means that your previous events will not be taken into account.


 3. Add calendar on your smartphone.

In order for you to see the events you are planning in Teamgate on your Android device, you need to adjust your calendar settings on your smartphone and choose the newly created calendar.

  • Open Calendar
  • Press the Menu button
  • Select Teamgate calendar
  • Return to the main calendar


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