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Schedule a meeting lasting several days

Giedre -

You can plan meeting from Teamgate Calendar. If your meeting notes vacations, business trips or just busy time period, lasting a few days, you can easily do it in this module.

  1. Open Teamgate Calendar.
  2. Click on your meeting start time and drag it to the date and time when your meeting/tour ends.
  3. Enter the necessary information about a meeting: subject, contact ( the person you are meeting with), place and participants. When needed, select from Single-use items, which will be reserved for that period of time.
  4. Another way - use the same first field in the calendar, which shows that you are busy the entire day. Clicking on it and pulling it to the side - you will select next days as well.

Do not forget that calls and reminders can be scheduled for a few days as well, if necessary. Preview of these events in the calendar could be adjusted in the upper part of the calendar to the right.









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