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Marketing: Deals by Country

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NOTE: Deals by Country report is available for Enterprise Plan users only


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Where to find Deals by source report?

Navigate to Insights module > Marketing > Deals by Country report


How can I use Deals by Source report?

By analyzing the data generated in Deals by Country report you will have a clear view of countries where the most of your deals are coming from. To add more, by clicking on the green line it will generate Deals by state report. Also you can filter this report by the date range. 



On the bottom part of the report there is the list of particular deal's opportunities and most relevant information related to a deal: owner, date created and the country/state.

By clicking on the deal's opportunity's title you will be navigated to the deal's card.




PRO TIP: In order for this report to be calculated correctly- enter the country and state to every lead's/contact's card! Also this report will facilitate the decision making process while assigning the points for effective lead scoring!




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