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Sales Pipeline: Sales Cycle

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Note: Sales Cycle report is available for Enterprise Plan users only.


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Navigate to Insights module > Sales Pipeline > Sales Cycle 




Note: Sales Cycle report includes those deals that was won or lost during the period selected.



  • Sales Cycle report gives you insights of how long is your sales process! On the top line of the report there is an average length calculated by days, hours and even minutes for the period selected. Lower- there is your sales funnel stages and calculated time of how long the deal stays in particular stage.On the bottom of the report you can filter sales cycle report by tag, sales pipeline and employee. 
  • Every business goal is to close deals during the shortest period of time- and too long sales cycles prevent you from making the sales. By looking at Sales Cycle report you might notice the bottlenecks of your sales pipeline and come up to the action plan on how to shorten the whole sales cycle. Along with the Sales Cycle report it is very useful to take a look at Sales Movement report where you will see how active deal's opportunities moves through your sales cycle. Also you might reconsider the length of every sales stage and shorten them in order to push your sales person to make faster decisions to close the deal on time. To achieve this follow the instructions here.








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