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How can I tag a Lead?

Giedre -

A tag is a keyword or term that is assigned to a Lead, Deal, company or People. Tagging are useful when you need something to filter your Leads. You can tag your Lead with "CEO" keywords, as an example, if you want to differentiate them from other leads. 

Also, tags will be useful at Insights smart analytics.

When you use Teamgate at the first time, there are default tags. You can customize them or create new tags. Read "How to create new tags in Teamgate?"

You can add tags for single or multiple Leads. 



The steps:

  1. Select Lead you need to tag and click on the title
  2. Click on the tag field
  3. Select a tag. If you need to add more tags - click on the tag field more times.




The steps are simple:

1) Select the leads or contacts that you'd like to tag in bulk using the checkbox to the left when you hover your mouse over an individual entry.  

2) A "Tag" button will appear on the upper left-hand side of the screen, click this button to view your list of available tags. You can also add a tag on the fly from here.

3) Click the tag you'd like to apply, and you're done!




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