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How to use email dropbox address?

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There are four ways to use  Email Dropbox address to store emails in Teamgate:

  • Directly send emails to contacts from your Teamgate account by clicking on their e-mail address. This prompts the default email client to open a new message window and have the CC field auto-populated with your Email Dropbox address.
  • Reply to a contact from your email client and paste Email Dropbox address into the CC field for this to be captured by Teamgate.
  • Forward contact's email from your email client by pasting the email Email Dropbox address into the TO field. For more information on the first three points above, check out Capture forwarded/CC'ed email in Teamgate.
  • You can attach your files to the email and you'll be able to find it in Teamgate below the email. Maximum allowed email size for email dropbox is 20MB.

Once the dropbox email is sent it is stored under the contact’s Emails history. Most cases Email Dropbox updates almost instantly but it could take up to an hour to show recently sent emails.

In the address field, type your Teamgate account’s name and

      {your_account} Email example:
       CC: {your_account}


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