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Automated disconnecting

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What is session?

When you are logged into your Teamgate account, the browser you are using starts an active session. This session consists of the time from when you log into when you are no longer actively using Teamgate (i.e., refreshing the page, navigating through the system pages, and clicking on various buttons). 

When am I disconnected?

For your safety, when you are logged into Teamgate with your login details and do not take any actions, your active session will be ended after 15 minutes of inactivity.This means your user will be logged out of the Teamgate account and redirected to the login page.

If you want to extend your active session without the additional notification, after 10 minutes of inactivity you'll see the pop-up window with the option to "Stay logged in when inactive." 




If your session has ended and you are redirected to the login page, an additional message will be displayed to explain this.

How can I extend my session?

If you want to extend your session and remain connected when you're inactive, please select the "Keep me signed in" option on the login page. This option means that you won't be logged out automatically again.



If you are using the same browser, it will not be necessary to enter your login details each time you want to use the system. This option will be available until the Teamgate updates are processed, which happens about 1-2 times per month. 

If you will forget to select the option "Keep me signed in," you will be able to do it in the pop-up window. If you select the option to "Stay logged in when inactive," it will be the same as the "Keep me signed in" option.



Note:  It is possible that you get logged out of Teamgate, despite selecting "keep me logged in" because you have several tabs of Teamgate open at the same time. To avoid this problem in future, try logging into Teamgate in only one window, and then click "keep me logged in" in the subsequent popup window.




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