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How to automatically attach email to Teamgate using Gmail?

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If you wish to attach all sent and received communication with your customers to Teamgate, and you are using Gmail as email service provider please follow these easy steps to set up your email account:


1. How to attach emails that I am sending to my customers?

1.1. In order to set the automatic email copies attachment: install the "Bcc me for Gmail" add-on from Google Chrome Store. 

1.2. In its settings insert the email address of your Teamgate account {your_account} Please see a picture below explaining how everything should look like:

 1.3 Click "Save Changes" when finished. 



2. How to attach emails I am receiving from my customers?

So that emails received from your customers would appear in your Teamgate account automatically, you have to follow these steps: 

2.1. Click this link:


2.2. Press on "Add a forwarding address" button and insert the email address of your Teamgate account {your_account} 

2.3. Gmail will ask for a verification code (it's due to the security reasons). The confirmation code will be sent to your mailbox immediately. 

2.4. Copy received confirmation code.




2.5. Click "Save Changes" when finished. 


3. How does it work?

The system is based on several conditions: 

3.1. When sending an email to the recipient, his/her email address must be in Teamgate system (i.e., in company or people card)




3.2. Your email must be sent/received from/to email account you are using to log into your Teamgate account. If you are using several email addresses- add them to your user profile by following this instruction




3.3. In your e-mail account’s CC line, your Teamgate email server‘s address must be attached.


Email example:
CC: {your_account}


3.4. If you are searching for an email copy in the company card, check to determine whether there is a copy in the contact card. 

3.5. Did you wait for approximately 7 minutes before checking if the email copy was attached?




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