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My profile: Integrations

Ruslan -


 The "My Profile" section allows users to make these simple integrations:

  • Google Sign-In is a secure authentication system that reduces the burden of login for your users, by enabling them to sign in with their Google account.  This is the same account they already use with Gmail, Play, Google+, and other Google services.  They'll be able to login with their Google account at the Teamgate login page.


  • LinkedIn Sign-In is also a secure authentication system that allows users to sign in through their LinkedIn account. They'll also be able to login with their LinkedIn account at the Teamgate login page.


  • Google Calendar is used by millions of people to track their events. This simple integration will enable users to create and sync their Teamgate events with their Google Calendar account. Also, users will be able to have all their events in their iOs or Android smartphone.
  • Transfer the number is "call to" protocol integration - Users will be able to click on any phone number in Teamgate and open it with any calling app installed on their PCs or smartphones (Skype, CallCenter, Viber or any other app supporting this protocol).
  • Calendar synchronization via iCal and CalDAV protocols - Users can synchronize all of their events with any device supporting this protocol.


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