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What are deal loss reasons?

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1. What are deal loss reasons?

If you want to identify the reasons why you are losing your deals, the best way to do it is with Teamgate. Teamgate provides the Deal Loss Reasons report at Insights, which can shed some light on why you might be missing out on certain opportunities. You can view additional helpful information regarding Insights here. As well as, top lost reasons are populated in the Dashboard




2. How to set loss reasons? 

1. Navigate to Settings > Deals > Loss reasons

2. Click on the "Add new" button and enter the reason's title.



Pro tip: Your loss reasons should be presented in a clear and manageable format so that you can more accurately analyze the results.



Here are some examples of possible reasons for lost deals:

  • High prices;
  • Competitors;
  • Lost tender;
  • The product does not meet customer expectations;
  • Lack of competence on the part of the seller.


The reasons that are entered can be useful to refer to when you are losing your deal. When you're about to close your deal, the loss reason is required.




 3. Analyze the results:





Insights: Sales Results > Won/Lost > Lost by Reasons


Note: Sales results report is available for Enterprise Plan users only.








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