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How do Deals drag and drop work in Teamgate?

Giedre -

A Deal holds short-term conversations and actions between you and your contact, potentially leading to a sale. Your Deals are in the pipeline until you close them: win or lose.

The pipeline is a perfect way to organize your Sales process, view progress of Deals, identify weakness and remember to perform actions. Also, all your Deals can be analyzed and are included in Teamgate statistics

A sales pipeline is a set of steps you need to take in order to close a Deal (The steps are called Sales process Stages in Teamgate and can be customized to fit your workflow).

Having a sales pipeline helps you visualize the process of getting a Deal won and also gets the entire team on the same page so everyone knows what the process is like. In Teamgate this concept is made very visual, the steps are displayed from left to right and you can drag your Deals forward through the pipeline as progress is made.


So, when your need to change a stage of the Deals:

1. Use your mouse to click on the Deal's card and hold it.

2. Now drag you Deal to any of the stages or to the Win/Lost areas and release it there.

3. If you are winning/losing your Deal, check the final details of your Deal at won/lost Deal pop-up.

4. As well as you can move your deal to the different pipeline. 





Pro tip: Teamgate-Slack integration allows you to keep your team up-to-date by posting automatic notifications about winning deals on a dedicated Slack channel. This works even if not everybody has a Teamgate account. Read our blog post for more details. Are you interested? Set up instruction is here.






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