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How to use and manage tags?

Giedre -

Use tags to classify and group your leads, companies, people and deals. Any user can add tags to an entity, and administrators can manage all tags. Teamgate have filters which will be able to filter your clients, leads and deals according to selected tags.

Read: "What are tags?"

How to use?

Add tags to contact:

  • Participated in the seminar
  • Buys your products
  • Have exceptional conditions
  • There is a reference to a specific contact database
  • Needs to be contacted


How can I create new tag?

  1. To create tags go to Settings > Customize > Tags. 
  2. Please select Deals or Contacts - where you need to add it. 
  3. Click "Add new" and enter tag's title
  4. Don't forget to save!

How can I edit tags?

To edit tags you just need to go back to Settings > Customize > Tags and click on the tag you want to rename. Change the title and don't forget to save. 

How can I delete tags?

To delete a tag, you need to go to Settings > Customize > Tags and click on the "trash" (delete) button. Confirm and save. Also, you can replace a tag with another one, if you set it to the contact, lead or deal.  







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