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How the files filtering works?

Giedre -

The files you've uploaded to Teamgate are not only searchable but are also able to be filtered, using these criteria: 

  • Upload date
  • File extension (pdf.,xlsx., etc.) 
  • File author 
  • Tags

To make use of filters, click the appropriate button and either select from the available options or enter your filter manually. 




 You will also see the section of Teamgate to which your file belongs to. Corresponding colors suggests you the module: leads, people or companies:




For example, You're searching for a scanned document you sent to a customer last December. However, you don't remember customer's name or the title of the file. It's not a problem if you're using Teamgate!

  1. Open the Teamgate Files section
  2. Click on "Extension" and select .pdf or .jpg (.jpeg) - the extensions used for scanned documents
  3. Select your date range: 01-12-15 to 31-12-15
  4. Select yourself as the author of the file

The number of files returned will be far fewer than if you searched without filtering.

However, using filtering combined with the search bar will make your search even easier!




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