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How to synchronize your Android calendar with Teamgate?

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In order for Teamgate calendar to sync with your Android smartphone, you are required to adjust several settings. Synchronization is possible in two ways.


1. Synchronization, using Google Calendar functionality

Read more about this syncing method at "How to sync Teamgate calendar with Google Calendar”. After you adjust the settings related to Google Calendar and Teamgate, be sure to perform the following configurations on your smartphone:

  • Open Calendar
  • Press the Menu button
  • Select Teamgate calendar
  • Return to main calendar view


2. Consolidation, using the CalDAV protocol

In order to have your Teamgate calendar on Android devices, it is possible to do using the CalDAV protocol. Here are a few steps on how to do it:

1. Synchronization requires to download a relevant app, which will give your phone a capability to sync via CalDAV protocol. You can find the right app at Google Play Android Appstore.


Search advice:

The app could be paid or unpaid. You need to try the all and find one that operates stable and minimizes errors. Our advice - to use paid apps - they usually match all the stability, orderly functioning and simplicity criteria.

App suggestion:

2. Download and install the app on your smartphone.

3. After installation, the app will ask you to enter the CalDAV protocol corresponding link. Link could be found by going to “My Profile”, at the column of Integrations, you can find a calendar event sync. The link will have to be typed into an app.



4. Enter the CalDAV link into your username (email) and Password, which you use to connect to Teamgate.

Confirm the settings, and according to your needs adjust other relevant settings.

5. Add Teamgate calendar to other displayed calendars on your app.

The synchronization will take place on "both sides", which means that the edited events in Teamgate will be edited in the Android calendar and vice versa.


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