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How to register an error?

Giedre -

If you encounter some issues with Teamgate system, to register an error, we recommend you taking the following steps:


If you can not connect:

  1. Check, if email address and password you are entering are correct.
  1. Try to reset the password to your email address.
  1. If you are unable to log on due to exceeded amount of users or restricted access - you should contact your account manager.
  1. If you see an error window during your login, we recommend taking a screenshot (try Lightshot screenshot tool to earn some karma points) and send it directly to us by e-mail at


If the system works slowly or some system functionality does not work:

  1. Make sure your Internet connection is neat. Sometimes, it is enough to reboot your computer once. Sometimes three times :) As well, if you are using wi-fi connection plug-in plug-out your router.
  1. Try to perform the same action from another Internet browser (IE, Chrome, Opera or Firefox). Sometimes, your browser settings or add-ons may affect system performance.
  1. Ask your colleagues, if the system works well for them, or they are also facing the same problems.
  1. Make sure additional filters are not enabled at the moment, which could be the cause that you can not see a part of companies or sales (common matter ...). Ask your system administrator, if he accidently decreased your system rights (sometimes, simply a check mark could be forgotten to be placed...).
  1. Nothing helps? We recommend taking a screenshot and send it directly to us by e-mail at


We hope that it will make registering failures a little. We sincerely ask you to share with us any questions or issues you may encounter. The sooner we are aware of them - the faster system will function properly. After all, it is not the number of errors in the system, it is how quickly we fix them! ;)

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