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How to create my own filter combination?

Giedre -

If you are using the same filter combination, again and again, Teamgate offers to save it and use it whenever you need it!

For example, if you are working with contacts whom "Customer status" is "Non-Customer", "Tag" "VIP" and city "London" you can easily save this combination for the future and later when you need to find contacts with these criteria it will be done by a single click.


How to create my own filter combination?

1. Open the section where you wish to create the filter. (People, Leads, Companies, Deals or Files)

2. Enable filter by clicking "Filter" icon on top right corner.

3. Select the filtering values.

4. Click "Save".

5. Name your filter and click save.




6. You will see newly created filter combination on the bottom of the list under the title "Filter you saved".




7. If you no longer need to use the filter combination, simply click "rubbish-bin" icon.








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