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How to create email templates in Teamgate?

Giedre -

Create email templates and send them to your customers! This functionality allows to create and save email templates- later send them to your leads and contacts.


Note: Make sure you have your email settings set up! 



To create email template follow these easy steps:

1. Navigate to "My profile"

2. Click "Email templates"

3. Click "New template"





4. Enter template name

5. Enter template subject. Please note: this line will be visible to your clients.




6. Start to create your email template text. 



Note that by clicking on the button "Insert field" you can insert automatic fields "Name" and "Owner":

Name- the system will automatically add lead's/ contact's or company's name/title to the template.

Owner-system will automatically add person's who is responsible for the lead/ contact or company name. 

As well you can select the fields, created as custom fields.



All these inputs will be marked accordingly with the corresponding color of the module, where custom field is in use.



NOTE: Every email template can contain only those custom fields that are from the same module.  (Marked with the same color, except "Name" and "Owner").




7. If you wish to share your email template enable this option 


 8. Click save






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