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How to set Leads to Close Ratio Goals?

Giedre -

What is Leads win ratio?

Win ratio shows how many leads fall for won deal. Calculation is based on all closed deals (won and lost) as well as leads, which has status "unqualified". Set the number of leads required to win one deal per employee, for example goal 20 means that in order to win 1 deal- employee must qualify 20 deals.


Set the number of leads required to close one deal per employee by following these steps:

1. Open Insights module > Goals > Leads to Close Ratio Goals

2. Select the period:

  • For previous period click "Last" and choose "Month" "Quater" "Year"
  • For future period click "This" and choose "Month" "Quater" "Year"

3. Start entering user's name > click "Search for user" to see the goals setting template. It is allowed to set goals for 4 users at once.

4. You have to set the goals for every user separately.




 To track the results see Win Ratios section in the Dashboard.


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