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Release notes 2017-02-01

Giedre -

Mobile app

  • Implemented new functionality to edit tasks and calls.
  • Added new icon to calls card.


Morning muffin

  • From now on Agenda will show events where user is addded as a participant. Morning Muffin



  • New possibility to filter contacts to whom you never sent MailChimp campaign. MailChimp campaigns



  • From now on it is available to see full title of the file and the information to whom the file is related to.
  • Renewed file pop-up window. From now on there is shown img. and pdf. file preview and the information to whom file is related to.



  • Bug fix. Insights > Activity >Activity goals. The columns "New accounts" and "New People" didn't show percentage sign %. Insights
  • Bug fix. Insights > Marketing > Deals by source / Deals by country / Deals by Industry. Data for these reports was taken according deal's status change. From now on these reports are calculated according the date when deal was created. 



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